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iNETstore 2003
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samplestores.gif (1050 bytes) Click here to view sample and user created stores.
Product Support Options
templates.gif (1103 bytes) There are a number of available product support options:
  • iNETstore Knowledge Base
    The knowledge base contains articles about iNETstore support and development related topics. We also make available the latest patches, updates and sample code through our knowledge base.
  • iNETstore Help Desk
    If you require support from one of our qualified technicians, you may lodge an enquiry through our help desk. You may register for an account free of charge. However, one token is required for each support incident. 10 tokens are issued free of charge to every customer who purchases iNETstore 2003 (good for 10 free support incidents). You can claim your free tokens from within the help desk system by entering your serial product serial number. Additional tokens are available for purchase.
  • Other Support Options
    We offer a range of other support options such as phone support and training sessions. Check out our support website for more information.
help.gif (983 bytes) The iNETstore 2003 retail version ships with extensive documentation that is presented in an A4 ring binder. For your convenience a complete set of the documentation is also available here in PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view these files.
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